When and Where

Stockethill Church doesn't own a building. Instead, it meets in common areas within the community, as part of the community. The church holds three different public meetings.

Sunday @ The Centre

Every Sunday at
Cairncry Community Centre.

Coffee served from 10.30 am
for an 11.00 am start.

This is a relaxed and informal opportunity for anyone and everyone to come together to worship God, or just to find out more about Christianity. A light breakfast is served as part of the service. All the family are welcome.

Cairncry Community Centre

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Woodhill Court

On the first Sunday of the month at 10am a simple, traditional service is held at Woodhill Court, a local Sheltered Accomodation.

This service is minister or elder led and uses familiar hymns.

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Stocket Grange

On the third Sunday of every month at 10am a service is held at Stocket Grange sheltered accommodation.

The service aims to bring together all the generations and is based around a simple breakfast, using the ideas developed by the NYNO project.

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