Did you find one of our stockings? stocking.jpg

Thanks for visiting our website. We put lots of hand-made stockings around our community at the beginning of Advent in the hope that people like you would pick one up and take it home.

We’d love to hear where and when you found your stocking. Please use the contact form or email iaitken@churchofscotland.org.uk to let us know.

The Christmas story, as it is told in the Bible, is about the gift of Jesus to the world. God promised a “saviour” who would be the “Prince of Peace”. The angels told the Shepherds that his birth was “good news of great joy”.

We could all do with the gift of some good news right now: some of us more than others. Hopefully the stocking at least made you smile and maybe brightened up your Christmas tree. The birth of Jesus is good news to all because he offers peace, hope, joy and love to everyone.

Over the Christmas period we’re running a number of events including a free Family Fun Day on Saturday 3rd December from 12noon till 2pm in Cairncry Community Centre (next to Aldi), and “Carols in the Carpark” Christmas Eve at 4pm outside the Centre.

We also gather as a Church each Sunday morning at 10.30am in Cairncry Community Centre and all are welcome.

Whether we see you at these or not, we’re praying that you have a peaceful and good Christmas.

With love from everyone at Stockethill Church.